Real Estate Market Analysis

Market analysis is paramount to real estate appraisal, and only an experienced, trained valuation professional can provide the type of in-depth study required to identify the supply and demand for a class of property in a specific market and assess the marketability of a unique property in that market.


Narrative reports include Appraisal Report or Restricted Appraisal Report formats. Our reports communicate accurate, non-biased results of valuation analyses. The level of reporting utilized in our reports is determined by the needs of the client which is dictated by a detailed Scope of Work. Our narrative reports constantly evolve with advances in technology and modernization in order to provide a concise and understandable picture of the analyzed property.


Form reports are typically appraisals that utilize all applicable approaches to valuation. This results in a completely compliant Appraisal Report. The form report can be an ideal product where underwriting criteria require an written appraisal, and the processing authority is looking for efficiency in processing collateral assessments. The form report is more of a streamlined valuation appraisal, delivered in a standard Adobe Acrobat format.


A desktop appraisal is an assignment whereby the physical property characteristics are not verified by any other source. Second hand data records are analyzed for errors and inconsistencies. The records with obvious errors and inconsistencies are not relied on. The client dictates the Scope of Work in a desktop appraisal assignment and often relies on a single approach to value.