Real Estate Litigation Support

Litigation valuations are much different assignments than any other type of appraisal report. The appraiser must keep in mind that they are placed in an adversarial proceeding and they may be pressured into being something less than objective. Assignments in this field requires the highest level of experience and must be able to discern that when a legal instruction given verbally to an appraiser is often not as clear cut when it has to be supported in an appraisal report. As a result, appraisers who feel uneasy when their opinions are questioned are well advised to avoid this type of assignment. However, the appraiser who can continue to function in an unbiased and professional manner within this confrontational environment will find the work both challenging and rewarding.

The Boals Group has many years of diverse experience and provides support in the following legal matters:

Eminent Domain Acquisitions
Roads & Utilities
Billboards (Leased-Fee & Leasehold)
Divorce Proceedings
Real Property Valuations
Conflicts in Title Ownership
Real Property Valuations
Partitionment by
Termination of a Partnership
Division of Property in an Estate
Surveying & Property Line Disputes
Insufficient Titles
Easements vs. Rights-of-Way
Lines of Title vs. Occupation
Junior & Senior Property Rights
Apportionment in Estates