A survey goes to the question of the marketability of the property. The surveyor determines whether the property is within the property borders, whether there are any encroachments on the property by neighbors and the extent to which and easements on the property may affect the legal title. At The Boals Group, we specialize in large boundaries with relatively insuffecient title.In the Land Surveying Industry, an opinion of the quality of title by a lawyer and extent of title by a surveyor are the best assurance a party can obtain. Title insurance can mask or hide potential title and boundary problems, rather than identifying and addressing them before a property is purchased. The purchasers of title insurance think that they save the cost difference between an insurance policy and a surveyor's opinion. In reality, they are missing the clear picture of the property being purchased.

A title review is an option for our customers who have concerns about the integrity of their deed. In a title review we will briefly analyze your property description and give you a full report within 48 hours. This type of review will allow us to quickly determine any possible insuffeciencies that could potentially lead to legal issues. Once we have analyzed the deed, you will receive a report on the condition of the description, including the error of closure and a suggested course of action. A title review is not intended to resolve any adverse claims against your property. It is merely a tool used to gauge the likelihood of error in your deed. For a full, in-depth report, we sometimes recommend a Title Analysis.

In today's world, owning property is expensive and the condition of your land description could seriously affect the strength of your ownership. Since your title to land only describes the evidence of ownership within its property description, be sure AT LEAST your evidence is suffecient for retracement. This is immensely important should an issue regarding your land arise. The value of your description depends upon it being sufficient and unambiguous. The successful execution of a sales contract depends upon the land description; it must contain all of the necessary requisites so that parole evidence is not needed in order to correctly identify your property. There have been advances made in the parole evidence rule but not enough for relaxation of the surveyors rule. The description of your land should be so clear that the land you mean to convey is unmistakable.This analysis will provide the sufficiency of your property to be transferred with and without limitations and recommendations. We will provide you with one or more visual representations of your property along with copy/copies of any deeds that pertain to your property. We will also walk with you through any recommendations that we may have for you.